The Clean Playground project

The Clean Playground project

 ‘Clean Playground’ is a primary school project in which children get busy working on the subject of ‘learning and living in a clean environment'. During the project, the children are introduced to the subjects of tidying up and cleaning in a creative and playful manner. By taking part in this project, children become more aware of the importance of a clean environment and learn how they can contribute towards this.

The school cleaners are actively involved in the project as experts in the area of tidying and cleaning. They come into the class to tell the children about their day-to-day work and to answer their questions. The Clean Playground project shows the children that keeping the school clean is something you do together.

The Vebego Foundation gives Hago, Westerveld, Stoffels Bleijenberg, Alpheios, Fortron and the sheltered employment companies the opportunity to offer this project free of charge to their clients in the area of primary education. In this way, we are able to do something different for the school and strengthen our collaboration with schools.

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Clean Playground on National Geographic

During the project at the Tuinstad school in Rotterdam recordings were made for National Geographic Junior’s TV programme ‘Green Dream District’. The Clean Playground item was broadcast on Saturday 7 May on the National Geographic Channel. The item about the project can be found below. It has now been viewed more than 53,000 times!

Clean Playground at Jacob Maris in Rotterdam

The state Montessori school Jacob Maris in Rotterdam has started the Clean Playground project. Take a look at the class pages of the school’s website to read the enthusiastic accounts of pupils and teachers alike.

Do you have a client who would also like to support this project or roll it out at his or her primary school? For more information visit or e-mail Julie Cappers, the project manager of the Clean Playground project.