2011 - Vocational Training Centre - Kumasi

2011 will see the start of the construction and development of the Vocational Training Centre in Kumasi, Ghana. Together with local partners, we are building this centre where street girls can learn a trade as a hairdresser or seamstress. This will mean that they no longer have to live and work on the street.

We travelled to Ghana in February to make the preparations. During such a visit we get to know our local partners and the contractor, and familiarize ourselves with where we will be staying. We do this to prepare the planned constructions missions as thoroughly as possible, so that we can spend our time in the most useful way.

During the construction mission in November 2011, our employees will help with the construction of classrooms and living quarters for the girls, who will also help with the construction, together with the local builders. The ground is currently being prepared for building and the local contractor will soon start laying the foundations. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the project!

Participants in 2011

  • Angela Nieuwkamp (Licom Schoon)
  • Asha Binda (Hago)
  • Audrey Cransveld (Tence!)
  • Bart van den Eynde (Assist Belgium)
  • Bart Baert (Assist Belgium)
  • Bas van Neer (Alpheios)
  • Ben ter Horst (Hago Next)
  • Boy Dyon Barre (Hago)
  • Habibou Abrahim Kamara (Care)
  • Henny Luijk (Stoffels Bleijenberg)
  • Marion Berghmans (Westrom Risse)
  • Nicole Mol (CSG)
  • Salome Waithera (Care)
  • Sander Hummeling (Hago Zorg)
  • Wim Vos (Zuidgeest)
  • Jürg Brechbühl (Vebego Switzerland)
  • Karlijn Fidder (Yask)
  • Rob Westerlaken (Vebego)
  • Siegfried Braun (Vebego Switzerland)
They will be joined by Annet van de Laak (Vebego Foundation) and Kevin Vinken (Vebego Foundation/Licom) in their capacity as facilitators.

2010 – Construction of houses - Kumasi

In February 2010 Vebego employees travelled to Kumasi to help build houses in Nkwantakese. This is a village close to Kumasi in central Ghana.

The project was initiated by Habitat for Humanity and, together with local builders, we worked on three houses over the course of a week. Attention is also being given in this project to sanitation, the water supply and malaria prevention. One special aspect of this trip was that two Ghanaian Hago Airport Service employees formed part of the group. They explained the local customs to us during the trip and told us about Ghanaian culture.

We managed to get a lot of work done over the course of the week and also got to know Ghana and the local people. We also know that the Vebego Foundation would like to and will be able to start a follow-up project in Ghana.