Sheltered employment services

Vebego helps sheltered employment services: turnover increased to € 70 million

Helping the long-term unemployed and people who have become detached from the labour market to get back to work while making financial gains for the company at the same time? Service provider Vebego has shown that it is possible.

A shortage of labour was the main reason behind family company Vebego’s decision to contact a company in the sheltered employment sector five years ago. The facility services provider has now set up eight joint ventures with organizations in the field of sheltered employment.

People who have become detached from the labour market enter employment with the new company, are given training and support, and provide facility services – such as cleaning, catering and odd jobs – to clients. In the space of four years the turnover of the joint ventures has doubled to seventy million euros a year. There are now 3,500 people employed at these companies – people who are therefore (partially) off benefits and no longer just sitting at home.

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