Sustainability is a circular story

Responsible Enterprise

Sustainability is a circular story
For us, sustainability is a circular story. Progress starts with our employees. We believe in the sustainable development of the people who work for us. This results in long-term relationships with our employees and with our clients too. And if we have consideration for our employees, they will also have consideration for and will take care of our clients. This then enables us to build a sustainable relationship together with our clients that is based on continuity and mutual respect. In addition, our employees also devote attention to the issues of energy and mobility, as well as sustainable purchasing. As a result, we are able to realize a sustainable profit, part of which we spend on social projects

A circular story

Progress starts with our employees. Within a suitable, respectful and motivating working environment they have the best opportunity to reach their potential. From this basis they devote themselves to our sustainable relationships with our clients, paying attention to the issues of sustainable energy and purchasing. With the profit that we generate in this way, we ensure the continuity of our organization and continue to invest in our people. In addition we have the opportunity to do our bit for projects in the Netherlands and abroad in the area of social involvement.

Our CSR organization

The Board of Directors attaches great importance to CSR. This is expressed in documents including our CSR policy, in which the foreword makes clear that the company’s focus on CSR is not a passing fad, but a way of life. In order to emphasize the importance of an integral CSR policy and its implementation, a CSR manager was appointed in 2009. The key task here is to inspire, assist and support companies with the implementation of our CSR policy and its integration into their daily processes.

A CSR steering group has been set up to monitor progress and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is a member of this body. The steering group meets 3 or 4 times a year. A CSR work group is responsible for preparing policy and also has an implementing role in some areas. To initiate and support sustainable developments at companies, CSR coordinators are active within them. These are employees who are inherently motivated to make a contribution towards a sustainable organization and to inspire their colleagues. Our aim is to have a CSR coordinator working actively in each company. A meeting is organized twice a year for CSR coordinators where they can share their knowledge and get to know one another.
Besides the CSR coordinators, the ambassadors of the Vebego Foundation also actively promote Vebego’s CSR policy.

Sustainability Commitment

Since 2010, all Vebego companies have signed the ‘Sustainability Commitment’ in which they declare themselves to be 100% behind Vebego’s CSR policy.
Click here for an example.

MVO Nederland

Vebego is an active partner in MVO Nederland (the Netherlands’ national CSR organization) and a member of the Grote Bedrijven Netwerk (Large Companies Network). MVO Nederland gives companies encouragement and support to help them fulfil their social role.

Thanks to its sustainable vision relating to the development of people and its companies, Vebego has been designated as a ‘People Leader’. This means that Vebego’s vision is actively held up as an example by MVO Nederland. In addition, Vebego’s CSR manager regularly gives talks at presentations, workshops and conferences.

Vebego has actively participated in the development of the ‘People-Oriented Enterprise’ vision. This focuses on the following five issues:
  • Good conduct as an employer 
  • Good conduct as an employee
  • Diversity
  • Labour force participation
  • Socially responsible purchasing

These are not new issues for Vebego. They are, after all, an integral part of everything that we do.

Questions, tips or complaints?

Do you think that we could roll out our CSR policy more efficiently and smartly?
Or do you have any tips or complaints? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Annette van Waning, CSR manager at Vebego.