‘Sometimes mobility is about moving less’

Energy & Mobility

‘Sometimes mobility is about moving less’

Sustainability on the move

Vebego is working hard towards a sustainable future. We are doing this by limiting the damaging impact of fossil fuels and opting for alternative forms of energy, on the one hand, and through a change in mentality, on the other. After all, first and foremost we want to make our employees aware of the significance of reducing CO2 emissions so that they recognize themselves that this is an important issue.

Nevertheless we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Not all our premises have energy saving bulbs, for example. Not all our companies use green energy. And some machines are still not energy efficient. We therefore know what we will be working on in the coming year!

Green vehicle fleet

In 2010, approximately 80% of Vebego's vehicle fleet in the Netherlands was leased from one leasing company. Although we saw an increase in the number of vehicles, all these had A or B labels. The results in 2010 once again show our progress in the area of mobility.

The figures:

  • Vehicles with an energy label
    • A = 24% - This is an increase of 50%: from 98 vehicles in Q1 to 147 vehicles in Q4
    • B = 31% - This is an increase of 14%: from 164 vehicles in Q1 to 187 vehicles in Q4
    • C = 30% - This is a decrease of 8%: from 201 vehicles in Q1 to 185 vehicles in Q4

The number of vehicles with an A or B label has therefore increased and the number with D, E and F labels has decreased (-16%) from 115 vehicles in Q1 to 96 vehicles in Q4.

CO2 emissions 

CO2 emissions from petrol vehicles have dropped 4% in comparison with 2009, while CO2 emissions from diesel vehicles have remained unchanged. CO2 emissions from LPG vehicles have fallen by 3%.