‘Looking beyond the price’


‘Looking beyond the price’

Consciously opting for suppliers who see the bigger picture

Vebego requires a number of rigorous and uncompromising guarantees from manufacturers. For example, that they have nothing to do with child labour and that they provide decent working conditions for their employees.

This applies whether we are purchasing vehicles, machines or company clothing. As many as 16,000 of our employees wear company clothing and we have a vehicle fleet consisting of more than 1,100 vehicles. In all cases we ask how the product is made, who has made it and how damaging it is for the environment. In addition, we also ask what we can do with it when we no longer have a use for it.

Responsible Market Conduct Code 

In the months leading up to the signing of this code on 21 June 2011, a delegation from Vebego and Hago discussed the content and implementation of the code with trade unions and stakeholders. Together, the aim is to achieve a responsible and sustainable purchasing chain and the responsible and sustainable performance of cleaning and window cleaning services. Issues that play a part in this include: good conduct for clients, good conduct for employers and contractors, good conduct for employees and good conduct for intermediaries.

The signing of the code on 21 June marked the pinnacle of a special process. The OSB, the sector organization for window cleaners and the cleaning industry, signed the code on behalf of the affiliated companies (including Hago). Click here for the Responsible Market Conduct Code