‘Our people are our driving force’

Personnel policy

‘Our people are our driving force’
By developing our people, we develop our organization

That is our philosophy as an organization. We endeavour to develop our people in a sustainable way. It is our employees who make the difference – we and they together strive to achieve personal excellence, we enter into not only an economic relationship with them but also a social and psychological one, and we aim to realize a balance in the areas of work, life, living and learning. We do this because we believe that if the right balance is found, the employee and the organization will be able to develop sustainably.

Our people are our capital. After all, they are the ones who have to make it happen. At Vebego we therefore place our complete trust in them, so that they feel they have the freedom to try new things, to make mistakes and learn from them; so that they feel they have the scope to develop both professionally and personally, by following a training course or undertaking a work-related voluntary activity for example. After all, people who feel good about themselves and feel that they are carrying out a useful role will perform better. Our clients feel the impact of this and ultimately it leads to benefits for everyone: for our employees and clients, for the world around us, and consequently for Vebego too.

Vebego invests in sheltered employment services. Our companies also develop initiatives aimed at achieving a good personnel policy.

We focus on the labour market and look at the transitions taking place there: from full employment to full employability, for example, making it possible for employees to maintain their position on the labour market by developing themselves.

The starting points for our HR policy

As a family company comprising a diverse range of businesses Vebego has formulated a number of general starting points in the area of HR policy.

  • PEOPLE are the most important factor 
  • HR is the responsibility of the line 
  • It is decentralized wherever possible
  • Companies are the starting point for action in the area of HR, depending on the phase of development 
  • HRM is an integral part of the strategy of our companies 
  • We are a learning organization 
  • Unity in diversity 

Employees on CSR

What do our employees think about CSR? What is it all about for them? What do they think is important? Watch the film below about the sustainable personnel policy at our companies.

Where do our employees come from?

Vebego is a family company that is active in 6 European countries. However, our activities mean that the number of countries from which our employees originate is much greater. For our Vebego Foundation we have produced an analysis of our employees’ countries of origin (countries of birth). We have taken this step because one of our aims is to develop projects in these countries (if possible). 
The analysis revealed the following interesting top 10*:
  1. Netherlands 40%
  2. Germany 5%
  3. France 9%
  4. Belgium 4%
  5. Morocco 4%
  6. Portugal 4%
  7. Turkey 3%
  8. Poland 3%
  9. Serbia 2%
  10. United Kingdom 2%

* based on 2010 – consolidated Vebego companies – total number of employees = 30,931