‘40,000 employees – that’s a whole lot of hands’

Social involvement

‘40,000 employees – that’s a whole lot of hands’

In our blood

Social involvement has been in Vebego’s blood since as far back as 1943. From 2005 onwards, however, it is an issue that has gained a great deal of momentum. It was in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that we set up the Vebego Foundation.

The main objective of the Vebego Foundation is to support underprivileged people. This is a goal that we pursue through our projects both far from the Netherlands and close to home. What is special about our approach is that within our projects the support we provide always combines a financial contribution with active involvement on the part of our employees. In other words, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in! Since 2005 we have launched various projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Ghana and Sri Lanka. In countries ‘far from home’ we do this in the form of our construction missions, during which employees of Vebego companies work together with people involved locally to help build a better future.
The Vebego Foundation is the cradle of our CSR policy. We have now incorporated the issue of social involvement into the wider CSR policy of our organization. The Vebego Foundation is responsible for Vebego’s overarching policy on corporate social involvement (CSI) and assists and encourages the companies in this area.  

An increasing number of Vebego companies are taking the initiative themselves to demonstrate their social involvement. They are doing this in various ways:     

  • Independently by nominating and supporting a project. One example here is Alpheios, which links its annual personnel day to a social issue.    
  • By launching projects and initiatives together with a client. Tence!, for example, is offering traineeships to young people together with the ROC (Regional Training Centre) in Middelburg.  
  • By entering into a collaboration with a social organization. One example here is Hago Zorg’s collaboration with Stichting Lodewijk. Together they are ensuring that residents of care institutions experience a number of unforgettable days every year.  
The Vebego Foundation assists, encourages and supports our companies.