A look behind the scenes


A look behind the scenes
We want to inform everyone and keep them informed about our results. In addition, we are keen to share our knowledge with interested parties. In short, we want to be transparent. We therefore share as many documents as possible about our CSR policy and our vision for sustainability and make information available about our Vebego Foundation. You could say that we provide evidence of everything that we do and everything that we believe in.

Open means open for everyone

We make no distinction when it comes to making information available. Whether you’re a customer, employee or competitor, everyone can read everything about our CSR policy.

Do you think that we could roll out our CSR policy more efficiently and smartly? Or do you have any questions, tips or complaints? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Annette van Waning, CSR manager at Vebego.

Documents at a glance


It is our goal to be as transparent as possible. However, in some cases the translation of our documents to English is still a work in progress. A section of the documents is available below, and more documents will be made available in the future.  In the meanwhile, please refer to our Dutch website for a complete overview

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