Projects far from home

Vebego Foundation
The Vebego Foundation initiates and supports projects aimed at helping underprivileged people. We do this in the form of projects close to home in the Netherlands and far from home. By far from home we mean projects in Sri Lanka, South Africa and Ghana. The conditions in these countries are unlike those in the Netherlands and the target groups that the Vebego Foundation prefers to focus its projects on have a great need for the support that we offer.

In Sri Lanka we have built a care home for elderly people and are currently renovating a home for disabled women. The Sri Lankan government does not provide such facilities and these are therefore excellent projects for the Foundation which fit in with our focus on healthcare.

In South Africa we have built houses as part of the Mziki project and are supporting an agricultural project to ensure ongoing self-sufficiency for the community. Since 2010 we have been working together with Project Build, helping to build classrooms and kitchens for schools.

In 2011 construction work will begin on a Vocational Training Centre in Ghana for street girls. These are girls who are living on the street in Kumasi with all the consequences and risks that this entails. Offering these girls a roof over their heads and training them to become a hairdresser or seamstress means that they have a future again and allows them to return to their home villages, where they can then provide for themselves.

Read on if you would like to know more or if you would like to join a construction mission!