Working together on progress

The Vebego construction mission: a special experience

We are pleased to invite you to participate in one of our construction missions. You will experience a special and fascinating, but sometimes also tiring, week. When you apply it is important that you are aware of the following criteria and principles that we employ.

  • You must work at one of the Vebego companies. This can be a wholly-owned Vebego company or a joint venture. If you work at a joint venture, make sure you are aware of the additional guidelines that apply. These can be found in the manual on participating in construction missions.
  • Your line manager must give his/her approval.
  • Your work must be satisfactory and your line manager must confirm this in writing.
  • You must speak good English.
  • You must have been employed at a wholly-owned company or joint venture for at least one year.
  • You must write a letter explaining the reasons why you would like to take part in a construction mission.

Do you think you meet all the above criteria? If so, fill in the application form on the right. Please click here if you would like further information.

Schedule for 2011 & 2012

Each year a schedule is drawn up of the Vebego Foundation’s construction missions. This means that we continue our ongoing projects or set up new ones. We always try to announce the dates as quickly as possible, although dates can change as a result of the local situation. Dates are therefore provisional. The definitive date will be known at the time you are selected.

The schedule for 2011 and 2012 includes the following projects.


  • 28 January - 4 February 2012 - Ghana - Vocational Training Centre - Kumasi

In 2012 we will be making a swift return to Ghana to continue the construction of this training centre for street girls. The quicker the building is completed, the sooner the girls will be able to start their training.

  • 10 - 17 March 2012 - Sri Lanka - Sambodhi Institute - Baddegama

We will be continuing with the renovation of the Sambodhi Institute, a home for disabled women in Baddegama, Sri Lanka. In this country care for the disabled is not provided as a matter of course. The old owner of this former tea plantation made the site available for this purpose. Disabled people in Sri Lanka do not receive systematic support from the government and therefore rely on assistance from the local population (food), monks and initiatives like the Vebego Foundation. During the construction missions to our previous project in Sri Lanka we came across this home and decided to support the Sambodhi Institute.
Phases I and II have now been finished and we hope to start and complete phase III in 2012. This means that after 3 years of building the home will be ready and will be there for a long time to come.

  • 6 - 13 October 2012 – South Africa - Project Build – KwaZulu-Natal

Here we will be building two classrooms and a kitchen. We are carrying out this work together with Project Build, an organization that has been supporting schools in KwaZulu-Natal with the construction of classrooms and kitchens for 30 years. The government erects a building, but as the school grows nothing further is done. This means that several classes may be put together in the same room or moved outside. The government offers assistance so that each child at school receives 1 meal a day. It does not provide for the kitchen, however. Cooking therefore has to take place outdoors; in the rainy season, it is done in a classroom or not at all. In short, this construction work is important for the development of South Africa's future: its children.

Investing together

Together with Vebego you can work on building a better future today. The Vebego Foundation covers the travel and accommodation expenses of employees who work at wholly-owned companies. For employees of one of our joint ventures, the precise arrangements are described in the manual on participating in construction missions, which can be found on this site.

The construction mission lasts for 1 week, i.e. 5 working days. The company you work for ‘pays’ for 50% of the days you spend on the mission. You also have to make an investment yourself by taking the remaining 50% of the days as holiday. This applies to our wholly-owned companies. If you work at a joint venture, discuss with your line manager what arrangements you will make.
After participating in a mission, for the rest of your life you will be: an ambassador.

Your involvement does not end when the last brick is laid

Once you have participated in a construction mission you become an ambassador. Ambassadors promote the ideas and principles of the Vebego Foundation. You are a source of knowledge for anyone who wants to know anything about your experience, the Vebego Foundation, corporate social responsibility, etc. In fact, all you have to do is pass on your enthusiasm to all other Vebego employees.

Don’t fancy laying bricks, but still want to make a contribution?

Don’t fancy laying bricks under a blazing sun? Don’t worry. You can also do your bit closer to home. Send an e-mail to the Vebego Foundation.

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