Construction missions

‘Sometimes there are things you simply have to do.’

The famous Vebego construction missions. What exactly are they?

A construction mission is a fantastic experience. It is all about rolling up your sleeves: laying and stacking up bricks, painting, but also passing on knowledge. Why are many colleagues so enthusiastic about these missions? Because you take part together with colleagues from various Vebego companies. Together you work on building a better future for people. And, bearing in mind the purpose of such a construction project, the reason why you are doing it is clear: to build a care home for elderly people who lost everything in the tsunami, for example, or a training centre for street girls who, after their training, will be able to support themselves. Although it may seem like a drop in the ocean, it makes tomorrow better than today for these people, and you can make a contribution to this.

The group is made up of employees from Vebego companies. This means that all employees, from all countries and all job levels, are able to take part. An introductory meeting is planned before you set off, which is combined with CSR training. After the construction mission we organize an evaluation to share experiences and decide on the next steps to be taken in the area of CSR. Both meetings last 1 day and are found to be a useful and enjoyable experience by the participants.

Get involved!

 Would you like to take part in one of our future construction missions? Well, you can!

After applying you will receive written confirmation from the secretariat within three weeks. You will then be placed on the list of applicants. From this a selection will be made for each construction mission, taking the following factors into account:

  • date of application
  • company at which you work
  • number of participants per company
  • ratio of men to women

Apply here and find out everything you need to know about a construction mission.

Want to get involved, but a construction mission is not for you?

Would you like to do your bit, but not by travelling to a far-off country? Don’t worry, we also support projects close to home in the Netherlands, such as De Belevenis (The Experience) and SchoonPlein (Clean Playground).
And you can carry out activities within your company too.

Do you have any good ideas or tips of your own? If so, send an e-mail to the Vebego Foundation.