‘The costs of the care sector are important. After all, they come from the taxes I pay.’

Just as exciting as it used to be

45 years ago, we were awarded our first hospital cleaning contract. It was a very exciting time for us. And now? Well, it still is actually. Each new client means a new challenge.

But here too, we go much further than cleaning alone. We help the care institutions with two important key issues:
  • How can we keep healthcare affordable?
  • How can we ensure that enough staff are available in the future to provide the care required?
Bearing these thoughts in mind, we come up with solutions. How do we do this? With our feet firmly on the ground, taking our experience into account and looking at things from a fresh angle. This enables us to anticipate the developments in the healthcare sector, together with our clients. With innovative services in the areas of management, facility services and human resources, this is the fastest-growing Vebego activity.

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