Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Code: a unique document

Vebego is a family company. But it is also a legal entity. As such it is required to conform with the applicable laws and regulations. Vebego is not a listed organization. As such, the Dutch requirement to draw up a corporate governance code does not apply to our organisation. Nonetheless, we take our corporate governance policy very seriously. We acknowledge that corporate governance should be tailor made. Simply checking the box of drafting a code does not lead to better governance.

We respond to this matter by creating our own code, which reflects our vision on corporate governance. The code as been drafted by Vebego itself and is based on the guidelines stipulated in the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Because of its ownership structure and the fact that Vebego is not listed at the stock exchange, not every section of the code applies to our organisation. Furthermore, we have added sections which relate to the familial and international character of the company.

The basic principles of the code are not meant to constrict entrepreneurial dynamics. They are meant to contribute to sound as well as flexible governance of the organisation. As such, this code is a dynamic document, which will be updated in accordance with the latest developments and challenges.

Thank you for your interest

We would like to thank you for your interest in our corporate governance document. We invite you to open the file below.

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