Fifth anniversary of the Vebego Foundation

The fifth anniversary of the Vebego Foundation!

Five years on from Ton Goedmakers Sr’s appeal for us to help the tsunami victims, and the moment had arrived: it was time for the Vebego Foundation to celebrate its fifth anniversary.

After five years of stacking up bricks, mixing cement and getting to know the local population, we celebrated our fifth anniversary on 3 November 2010. This was a day that was all about sharing experiences and meeting people. All our ambassadors were invited to the celebrations. Former colleagues who no longer work at Vebego were also in attendance, once again underlining that a construction mission really does forge relationships for life.
One particularly special moment during the day saw Annette van Waning (manager of the Vebego Foundation) present Ronald Goedmakers (Chairman of Vebego’s Board of Directors) with the first copy of GOED/GOOD – a magazine produced especially for this fifth anniversary that looks back over five years of the Foundation and the projects that have been realized. GOED/GOOD is a bilingual magazine and the electronic version can be read on this site. 

During the course of the day GIPS held various workshops. GIPS focuses on increasing the acceptance of disabled people within society. During the workshops the ambassadors met disabled people and everyone was able to find out what it is like to live with a disability. A stimulating experience that provided food for thought. 

The photos of the day can be viewed here.