Ton Goedmakers - CEO

Ton (1980) has worked at Vebego since 2007. After holding management positions in the Netherlands and Switzerland, he has been a member of the Vebego Executive Board since 2018. He studied financial business administration at Nyenrode Business University and completed various senior management courses at London Business School, Singularity University and Tilburg University. “As the grandson of founder Tonny Goedmakers, it is a privilege to be able to lead the company and to ensure that the number of meaningful jobs can continue to grow. When I was 15, I started doing cleaning and service work during the holidays, which is how I developed my interest in service provision. It is precisely the diversity of the people you work with and the positive impact we can bring that makes our services so special."

Ronald Goedmakers - Board of Directors

Ronald (1962) studied business administration at Eindhoven University of Technology. After his studies, he first worked at DSM and has worked at Vebego since 1988. After holding senior management positions at various Vebego companies, he was appointed to the Executive Board in 2000. Ronald was CEO of Vebego from 2006 to 2020. “At Vebego, I had the opportunity to continue learning. Over the coming years, I will be able to take part in transferring this dynamic family business to the third generation.”

Ferry Muller - CFO

Ferry (1964) studied economics at the University of Amsterdam, the city where he was born and raised. He has worked at Vebego since 1991 in various board positions, with a five-year gap working for another employer, and has been CFO since 2013. “At Vebego, I have had every opportunity to gain experience in various countries and disciplines.”

Peter van Montfort - CHRO

Peter (1962)has worked at Vebego since 1987, first in operational management positions at Hago, then in general management positions at Vebego, and from 2002 to 2017 as division director in various countries. From 2018, Peter moved towards HR and joined the Executive Board. “I got to know Vebego while working as a cleaner during holidays throughout my studies in Facility Management.”

Giuseppe Santagada - COO in Germany and Switzerland

From March 2018, Dr Giuseppe Santagada (1974) held the position of CEO at Vebego Schweiz Holding AG, which focuses on real estate and facility management. He has also been COO as well as a member of the Executive Board since 1 January 2021. He has many years of experience at management level in an international context. He is an industrial engineer and MBA graduate, with a PhD in Management & Economics from the University of St. Gallen and a degree in Management Excellence from Harvard Business School. “My parents emigrated to Switzerland in the 1970s. My mother worked as a specialist cleaner all her life and my mother-in-law was one of the cleaners at Vebego AG in Switzerland up until 12 years ago. As part of my new role on the Executive Board, it is a great privilege for me to really get to know our colleagues first-hand.”

Mark van Haasteren - COO Belgium and the Netherlands

Mark (1966) has been working at Vebego since March 2019, first as division director and since 1 January 2021 as COO and member of the Executive Board. He has extensive experience in the service industry through his background as Q-Park Managing Director, where he was responsible for the Netherlands and Germany, as General Manager at Vodafone and as HR Director at Libertel. Mark has been trained at the Haarlem Business School, University of Hertfordshire and INSEAD. “The ability to collectively organise professional services, have a positive impact on our society and ensure meaningful work within this wonderful company motivates me every day.”

Niel Cortenraad - CSO and secretary BoD

Niel (1978) started at Vebego in 2000 and has worked for our international airport activities, as well as in other areas. He then went on as division director to specialise in Public Private Partnerships and M&A processes. He has been a member of the Executive Board as Chief Strategy Officer since 2019. Niel obtained a master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Tias Business School and a master’s in Change Management at HEC Paris and Oxford University. “I worked as a cleaner during my studies. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I became a management trainee at Vebego and have since been able to become an executive within this wonderful high-impact company.”

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