Meaningful employment

\ For employees

Our employees, with all their talents, competencies and qualities, are our capital. The work they do is significant. For themselves, for our customers and for society. As a family business, we take care of our people. That’s why we focus on talent, we want to be more than just a logo on a payslip and we know very well that our employees are also of value outside our company. That’s why we offer meaningful work. Because by increasing the impact of our employees, we increase our impact on the world.

\ For society

Work is valuable. Not only for employees, but also for society as a whole. It’s a way to contribute to your own happiness and to society. However, (too) often we see that the sectors in which our employees are active receive little appreciation. We want to change that. That’s why we are committed to strengthening the social position of those professional groups. In this way, we increase our impact and reduce inequality.

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