Meaningful work for society

Work is valuable. Not only for employees, but also for society as a whole. It’s a way to contribute to your own happiness and to society. However, (too) often we see that the sectors in which our employees are active receive little appreciation. We want to change that. That’s why we are committed to strengthening the social position of those professional groups. In this way, we increase our impact and reduce inequality.

Meaningful work for society

Work for everyone

Our companies employ all kinds of different people. Directors, managers, facility staff, window cleaners… All different, but all equally important. Everyone makes a valuable contribution in their own way. We are all aware of that. Still, the place where someone works does have consequences for guidance and coaching. After all, it has to match someone’s personal circumstances. We take that into account when we put our teams together. The team members have to complement each other, but also fit in with the workplace. We create insight into the skills, development potential and growth prospects of all our employees in various ways. If it’s not possible at one particular company, we’ll find a spot at another one. This way, everyone can find a place to work with us, from their first job to retirement.

Positive impact on 10 million people!

Our goal? To have a positive impact on 10 million people in 2025. That’s what we’re aiming for. An ambitious goal? Absolutely. But we think it’s possible. How? Read all about it on our impact platform!

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