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Vebego companies and MADE BLUE Foundation provide access to 100 million litres of clean drinking water

Since 2015, Vebego companies have been working together with Made Blue on access to clean drinking water and hygiene for everyone. Currently, more than 100 million litres of clean drinking water have been made avail-able in different locations with the highest need worldwide. More than 700 million people across the globe do not have daily access to clean drinking water. Every year, around 500,000 children are estimated to die from drinking contaminated water and poor hygiene. This means 1,400 children every day. Vebego and MADE BLUE have joined forces to make a change.

Sustainable cleaning

Ton Goedmakers, Vebego’s CEO explains: “Vebego is actively committed to society, in many ways. At home, as a big, inclusive employer, we offer many people with a distance to the labour market jobs, and we facilitate circular offices. But we also make our contributions to locations far away. With our building trips, for example, and by providing clean drinking water with Made Blue. Sustainability is of key importance in cleaning. By selecting innovative materials and techniques, we will rely less and less on water to clean surfaces. Vebego companies have expressed the ambition to strive for a water saving of one bucket - 20 litres - per cleaning hour. The water we no longer need here for cleaning, we will be making available as clean drinking water in developing countries, together with MADE BLUE: a litre for a litre.”


Measurable impact

Says Machiel van Dooren, director of MADE BLUE: “We are proud of the partnership with Vebego and its companies and the impact we were able to create as a result. For every 20 litres of water that we deliver on behalf of Vebego companies, someone else on earth will have access to sufficient water and hygiene for a day. 100 million litres makes the same possible for a community of over 1,300 people, today and for the next 10 years ahead.”


The cooperation results in even more good things. Women and children often have to walk up to six kilometres every day to get water. This is no longer necessary with direct access to drinking water. This way, children can go to school and women will have more time to take care of the household, earn a living and so on.


Plastic waste and CO2 savings

Direct access to clean drinking water also means that water from often polluted sources no longer needs to be boiled before consumption, or that people are dependent on buying water packaged in plastic. 100 million litres of clean drinking water also has a major indirect impact, preventing up to 1,411 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 7,500 tonnes of plastic waste. This also fits in with Vebego's ambition to work in a completely carbon-neutral way by 2030.

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