Our Family of companies

290X130 Hago
Hago FM
  • Cleaning
  • Facility management

Management of infrastructure and technical facilities, care services and airport services

290X130 Moveconsultants
Move Consultants
  • Strategic real estate analyses and workspace solutions
  • Market leader in Data Trust

Move Consultants is the market leader in Data Trust and offers strategic real estate solutions and work space solutions.

290X130 Servicofm
Servico FM
  • Cleaning services
  • Facility management

Management of infrastructure and technical installations, care services, cleaning of laboratories and cleanrooms

290X130 Servicoholding
Servico Holding
  • Facility management and hotel services
  • Already successful for over 25 years

Holding company of 4 companies employing approximately 4,000 people in the area of facility management and hotel services in Germany

290X130 Vebego
Vebego AG
  • Leading provider of services for real estate and facility management solutions
  • Great Place to Work

Vebego AG and Cleaning Service SA offer customised, full-service facility services

290X130 Vebego
Vebego Airport
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Toilet & water service
  • Crew transportation

Vebego Airport offers customised facility solutions for Zurich and Geneva airports

290X130 Yaskfacilitymanagement
  • Facility management, operations and management, facility services
  • Property management and accommodation
  • Project management
  • We make a meaningful impact on people in a sustainable working and living environment facilitated by us

Yask takes care of all your facility management issues. From cleaning to catering, from building management to technical maintenance. With better results and better returns. At Yask, we call that Return on Facility.