Our Family of companies

290X130 Altriothuisverpleging
Altrio Thuisverpleging
  • Largest independent home nursing service in Flanders
  • It is our mission, as care experts, to do better. To make things better. Better with people

Altrio is for patients, home nurses and care partners.
Due to the provision of the best possible care, the patient can stay at home in familiar surroundings for as long as possible. Altrio arranges the most specialised care (pathways) at home in consultation with hospitals, general practitioners and specialists. To achieve this, Altrio calls upon the best independent home nurses from Flanders, who guarantee the care on behalf of Altrio as a whole.

290X130 Assist
Assist Zorg
  • We make healthcare better by taking part in it ourselves
  • Diagnosis, strategic alliance, data-driven HR

Assist is the catalyst of change & development for healthcare organisations with growth potential and growth ambition. With smart processes & concepts, practical knowledge, entrepreneurship, execution power and a critical perspective, we vitalise healthcare and make a positive impact.

290X130 Carepeople
Care People
  • HR advice for healthcare
  • Professionals for private healthcare

CarePeople mediates and places experienced professionals in the private healthcare sector. It is also an active partner for HR advice in the health and social services sectors.

290X130 Hagozorg
Hago Zorg
  • (Specialist) cleaning, care support, facilities and innovative services
  • For (academic) hospitals, elderly care, mental healthcare and disabled care
  • We have a positive impact on every person in healthcare

In a clean environment, people are more pleasant, recover quicker and heal better. In healthcare, good cleaning is simply not good enough, which is therefore a challenge for all healthcare organisations. Making patients, clients, residents and, of course, our own employees feel safe in a hospitable environment, that’s what it’s all about.

We achieve this together with our customers, whereby the healthcare institution always forms the basis for the implementation of our services.