Several external events had a major impact on Vebego in 2022. The horrific war in Ukraine led to a steep rise in energy prices and increased material costs. That along with staff shortages and substantial wage cost increases, made 2022 a challenging year. For most Vebego companies, the majority of the costs consist of wages. By discussing this with both clients and the work council, we searched and search at company level for a balance between the interests of the various stakeholders.    Vebego acquired the German cleaning group hectas Facility Services at the beginning of 2022. This means that we have welcomed some 6,000 hectas employees in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to our family. We will become a top 20 player in the German market through the acquisition, making a major step in strengthening our position in that country. hectas and Servico, the existing Vebego company, have jointly set up a new organisation that was launched on 1 January 2023, Vebego Facility Services Deutschland. In 2022, we worked hard on a completely new legal structure for this new company. We also paid a lot of attention to the company’s backbone such as the systems and processes for payroll processing and invoicing, among others. Over the next year, the new management team and all employees will focus on culture, collaboration and identity, to form a company of people for people.

One Brand for all companies

To be more recognisable for (potential) employees and clients, and to emphasise that our ambition is to be a powerful collective, we have chosen one name for all companies, Vebego. In addition to a new name, we also launched a new logo and colour, purple. We will say goodbye to the other company names as they are phased out. By 2024 all 11 large companies will be called ‘Vebego’ and will use the same logo.    The choice to gradually adopt one brand is a logical consequence of our strategic ‘One family, One culture, One language’ ambition. With One Brand, we emphasise the family connection between the companies and the power that brings. The logo, the new name and the renewed house style exude simplicity, accessibility and humanity. This fits seamlessly with today's Vebego.    In mid-2022, the rebranding to Vebego already took for Vebego Group, Vebego Service & Expertise (shared services in the Netherlands), Vebego Facility Solutions (formerly Yask), Vebego Facility Services in Germany and Vebego Cleaning Services in the Netherlands. In March 2023, we also launched Vebego Green.

Launch of the rebranding in September 2022

Family Business Award Winner 2022-2023

In April, Vebego won the Family Business Award 2022-2023. The jury praised Vebego for its governance. Our company is a shining example for successful succession within family businesses. Innovation was also a criterion. At Vebego we look for faster and even smarter solutions right down to the most minute details. Furthermore, the jury said it was admirable that Vebego has been able to bind people to it for so long. The jury has seen that the passion for the employees is the common thread within Vebego. The Board of Directors sees this award as recognition for the work of all colleagues. This award is for all of us!

Dutch Family Business Award 2022-2023