Our activities

Our companies ensure a clean, safe and pleasant working, learning and living environment. We provide facility services, healthcare services, facility management and landscaping services to clients in our core markets Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. For many of our clients, we offer added value through our integrated range of services. Everything we do, is done with expert employees. We aim to be an employer for everyone who is motivated to do meaningful work. Especially for those who may need some extra help: ‘everyone participates’ is our motto.

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Vebego is active in four segments

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Facility services

We provide facility services and cleaning in, for example, educational facilities, offices, trains, airports and in the different industries. We train clients and share our expertise with them and we provide them with materials, machines and innovative cleaning methods. We provide specialist cleaning (clean rooms and life sciences, high-care production sites in food industry and facade maintenance for example) and offer innovative concepts using robotics and dynamic smart cleaning based on data analysis and sensor technology.

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Healthcare services

We provide facility services for hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions, including specialist duties such as disinfection and OR cleaning, we provide care through our staffing services and home care services. We also support healthcare professionals by taking over tasks not directly related to providing care (e.g. logistics, catering). Furthermore, we are developing new and more effective workflows with which we contribute to future viability of healthcare.


Facility management

We are experts in integral facility services and take responsibility for the complete management of your facilities (offices, production sites, educational facilities, sports facilities and so on).  In the process, we also take care of maintenance of technical installations, security services, logistics, staffing, housekeeping, hospitality, catering, and staff reception desks. We deliver consultancy, implement projects and use data-analysis and the latest software and tools including dashboards and apps in order to support our clients in the best way possible, so that they can focus entirely on their core business.

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For clients in the public sector as well as corporate and private clients we provide landscaping services and creation of green areas and public spaces. We focus on the human, natural and environmental aspects of our work. We have a strong focus on expertise, inclusion and the impact of our efforts on people’s working and living environments.