Vebego 2025 Strategy

From 2020, a major movement has been initiated towards the new Vebego. In 2022, in addition to the ongoing change processes, the rebranding also started. The chosen organisational design was rolled out last year, and this significantly changed the internal structure at Vebego. In 2022, as part of the reorganisation and rebranding, we said goodbye to an entire fleet of brands and companies.

We continue to work on strengthening our position in the market. It is up to the companies to position themselves in their fields. We want to transform Vebego from a group of autonomous companies to a powerful collective in 2025. Essentially, we will remain the same: a large family-owned company with family values, which provides work for a large group of employees. And with a new role for the holding as strategic architect.

Our strategy focuses on four stakeholders: our employees, our clients, society and our organisation. We want to create meaningful work, contribute to a better world and make a healthy return.

One family. One culture. One language.

The strategy focuses on four stakeholders

Keeping Vebego healthy and fit is part of the Vebego 2025 strategy. ‘Vebego vitalises’ was the first phase and was completed in 2020. The second phase focuses on the establishment of One Family. One culture. One language. Designing our Future, a design from 2020, is the most important part of this second phase and is about restructuring the organisation. So that we continue to provide the best, quality services beyond 2025 and offer meaningful work to as many people as possible.