‘The job is done’

It was complex, extensive and had to be done under enormous time pressure. Implementing the new HR and AFAS salary system, and redesigning the time ORTEC registration system. A more than exciting time, says Tes van Moerkerk, driving force as HtR functional manager. 

Tes van Moerkerk

By mid-January 2023, the new system and the new working method had to be fully up and running. ‘It was intense at times,’ says Tes. ‘Every assignment in itself was huge. These were major changes that all had to happen relatively quickly at the same time. Simultaneously, there was the merger of several companies into Vebego Cleaning Services. That made it so complex.’

Nights and weekends

To get the job done, Tes and her colleagues worked through nights and weekends. ‘But it worked out. Everything for a good cause, being the employee, where all the changes come together. An employee must feel valued, which is inextricably linked to our work.’ Tes is part of the HtR team, which stands for Hire to Retire. ‘From entering to leaving our service – and everything in between. Ensuring that payments are made correctly and on time is of paramount importance to us. The four-week payments for the people in the workplace and the monthly payments for the people in the support functions.’

Paying attention to who you are

In 2000 Tes started as a consultant in payroll administration. The plan was to do this for a year, as knee problems meant she could no longer work in the hospitality industry. ‘I had to be retrained, and then I never left,’ she says, laughing. A great company, she calls it. ‘Here is where I learnt to do what I am doing now. It was an opportunity I was given. And attention is paid to who you are. Even in difficult times, when my partner Els became ill and passed away. It is not a given that someone is there. But everyone was there, stood by me. I've experienced so much support here. That’s something that never leaves you.’