Founder Ton (‘Tonny’) Goedmakers started our company in 1943, to avoid compulsory employment by the German occupying forces. Due to competition, he focused on large companies and institutions with his cleaning company, Hago: the State Mines, the Limburgse Tram Maatschappij, Philips. He convinced these organisations and later many others to say goodbye to cleaning under their own management. By offering professional execution, at lower costs.


In order to keep making that promise, we have collected a great deal of knowledge over the past 75 years. Because new cleaning challenges have continually demanded this. Because cleaning agents were difficult to obtain. Because we worked in sectors that set special hygiene requirements, such as healthcare.

In the 1960s, our company even acquired a branch that focused entirely on the production of cleaning products. The focus on knowledge and innovation remains unchanged. We are continuing to enter new areas, such as industry and the food sector. As far as cleaning in healthcare is concerned, we have become the market leader.

Rapid expansion of activities

The core of our company has always been human work. After the establishment of Vebego Holding at the end of the 1970s, this focus meant that setting up our temping agency, Tènce!, was not a big step. In addition, we launched a new range of support services under the name Prisma Facility Management during that period. And we are expanding strongly both nationally and internationally. Partnerships give us access to the markets in Spain, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Acquisitions and new branches strengthen our presence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. New services such as payrolling and airport services broaden our activities.

Maintaining our core values

Since then, we have not only maintained this focus. We have also reinvented ourselves. Since the turn of century, we have been offering vulnerable people work by working together with social workplaces in more than sixty municipalities. Through the Vebego Foundation, we allocate part of our profits each year on social projects in the Netherlands and abroad. And we give cleaning work back its shine with the innovative concept of Hago Next. This is how we vitalise not only the world around us, but also the human work that has traditionally given our company its strength. On this basis, we face the future with confidence.

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