Customer feedback through Net Promoter Score

Vebego aims for long-term relationships with its customers, partners and suppliers. To continuously receive customer feedback, we introduced the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a measurement method among our 100% companies in 2020. All these companies have been using the method for several years.

Follow-up measurements were carried out in the companies in 2023. The questionnaires and invitation emails were adapted to the new organisational structure and visual identity. There was also a first measurement in 2023. This was carried out by SpringX and provided with feedback by various contact persons at the various Vebego companies. The methods vary from relational ('what do you think of company x?') to transactional at Alpheios ('what did you think of experience x?'), depending on specific needs and the specific business.

The weighted average of all NPS scores at almost all companies – excluding Vebego Service & Expertise – within the group is +35. This includes the relational measurement of Alpheios Netherlands and Belgium, despite the significant difference in service type. The transactional measurement is excluded here. The results ranged from an NPS of +17 to +65. The response rate averaged 25.8% (excluding Vebego Service & Expertise and including Alpheios).

Throughout the surveys, it is clear that 50% of customers are promoters [rating 8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale]. Most customers give us an 8 when asked if they would recommend us to others. Vebego companies score well on the relationship with the contact person and the behaviour of employees on-site. 

Looking at the feedback we receive – 15% of respondents give a negative score [rating 0 - 5] on average – there is still room for improvement across the board on issues such as proactivity and complaints handling. Specifically, this includes communication: addressing off-list issues and structural resolution of problems and complaints.

Biggest risers response:

  • Vebego Facility Services DE from 24.3% to 33.1%

  • Vebego Facility Solutions from 33.3% to 40.3%

Biggest riser NPS:

  • NPS Vebego Facility Solutions from +27 to +44

Meanwhile, the focus is increasingly on following up on feedback; in other words, translating the insights into concrete action to improve the customer experience. After all, asking for feedback creates an opportunity to do something with it. In that context, operations has been given a major role in processing individual feedback: we engage with the feedback-giving persons and ask how we can improve things for them. We have also launched several projects to improve certain prioritised points organisation-wide. Finally, within the various Vebego companies there is also an increasing focus on providing feedback to customers. We do this with short films, infographics, and newsletters, among other things.

Thought leadership and innovation

Vebego is constantly thinking about developments that make our employees' work easier. We want to play a guiding role in this. This fits in with our commitment to sustainability, being a good employer and making meaningful work possible for everyone. In 2023, Vebego companies will also have some great innovations to their name.

Assist Analytics

With the online tool Assist Analytics, healthcare providers can ensure that employees show greater commitment to their work. The Engagement Monitor is the beating heart of the data-driven HR approach. It structurally measures employees' perceptions in the workplace, for example when it comes to autonomy, work-life balance, communication and pride.

Cleaning robot SAM

Hago Zorg developed a special cleaning robot called SAM, which uses UV radiation to optimally clean rooms. Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis Beverwijk, which specialises in burn treatment and where sterile rooms are vital for patients, works with it.


For all maintenance cleaning, Vebego in Switzerland switched from tens of suppliers to a single one: sister company Alpheios. By selecting a cradle-to-cradle product called 'Vive', they managed to limit the number of products used from fifty to four.

New 500ml vial design

Alpheios started to make its 500ml cleaning vials more sustainable in 2023 and the new vials went into production in March 2024. The environmental impact is much lower in all areas, including 19.5% fewer CO₂e emissions during production, 46.7% fewer pallets needed for transport and 46.7% fewer transport movements for transportation.

Product passports

Digital Product Passport

Together with an IT and consultancy partner, Alpheios is working on product passports for its cleaning products. Product passports provide factual information on the environmental impact of products across the entire life cycle. Alpheios now has more than 100 passports for various products.


Together with design agency Fluctus, Vebego Cleaning Service designed the Wastemover: an ergonomic trolley for moving heavy paper containers. With the Vebego Impact Award in its pocket, this super-smart invention has everything it needs to conquer the world.

Wastemover wins Finy Goedmakers Impact Award 2023


Finally, some fun news for the coming year. Alpheios is coming up with Aimy in 2024: a solution for staff in terms of vitality, sustainability, efficiency, hygiene and experience. More info on this cleaner buddy will follow as soon as possible!

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