Future-proof Vebego will bring growth and more impact

International family business Vebego is committed to substantial growth to achieve greater social impact. That is why Vebego announced its plans today for strengthening the organisation and, as a result, its position in the market. The plan is to form eleven big companies in 2023 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland that are industry-leading in cleaning, facility management, landscaping, personnel services and healthcare. This commitment will enable Vebego to offer more people meaningful work and add even more value to society.


In recent months, the family business has explored the basis for a future-proof Vebego. The result is an organisational model that gives the companies a clear mandate for entrepreneurship, with a great deal of freedom within parameters. Says Ton Goedmakers, CEO: “We have been successful for 78 years, mainly because of our strong entrepreneurial spirit. This plan will stimulate the entrepreneurship of our companies and make our organisation smarter and more uniform so that we have more time for our customers and employees.”


Changes in the Netherlands

The plan involves forming five big companies in the Netherlands in three years' time in the segments Cleaning, Landscaping, Healthcare, Facility Management and a company that provides expertise and products. The existing service and expertise centre will also be expanding with a number of new positions in order to offer professional support to all Netherlands-based Vebego companies. These proposed decisions will require changes, so we will ask the Works Councils for their recommendations. Employees who are faced with a change in work as a result of the combining of companies will be provided with extensive support. In the longer term, the number of jobs will increase on account of the expected growth.


Belgium, Germany and Switzerland

Vebego also wants to combine and further strengthen its activities in facility management, healthcare and personnel services in Belgium and Germany in due course. In Switzerland, the transformation of the current facility service provider, Vebego AG, already began in 2018, with the goal of becoming a leading service organisation in cleaning and facility services in 2023.


Ambition to have an impact

Making Vebego future-proof is an important step for the family business that now has more than 34,000 employees in four countries. Says Ton Goedmakers: “With this, we are laying the foundation for further growth and even more meaningful jobs. Being an organisation where every employee gets a chance, we create the biggest social impact. That’s why it's imperative that we are a healthy and professional organisation. Now and in the future.”

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