Ronald and Ton Goedmakers

Third generation leads family business Vebego to the next phase

Ton Goedmakers (40) is the new CEO of family business Vebego since 1 January 2021. He took over from Ronald Goedmakers (58) who was CEO for 16 years. Ronald will keep his seat on the Executive Board. Over the next few years, Vebego will strengthen its organisation by turning many small companies into a number of large companies in order to further increase the impact for customers, employees and society.

Vebego 2025

The Vebego strategy is focused on growth and impact. The foundations for this have been laid in recent years, so now it's time for the next step. This will be done carefully and well-prepared. Vebego will be working on a blueprint for a future-proof organisation in the coming months; an independent, international family business with a limited number of strong and large companies.


The goal is to create an organisation with clout, formed by strong companies that can evolve into leading players in their markets. This will make Vebego companies even more attractive to work with and for, thanks to entrepreneurship, smart and flexible processes and with attention for clients and employees. This restructuring is entirely focused on further growth, impact and increased effectiveness.



After a research phase that is now starting, a decision will be made in the first half of 2021 as to exactly how the refurbishment to larger companies will be carried out and with what time frame. Vebego wants to complete this process in 2023.


Says Ton Goedmakers: “It’s an honour to be allowed to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, my father and my uncle. I very much look forward to building on what we have achieved together in more than 75 years. By strengthening our organisation, we are preparing Vebego for the future. We want to grow and add value for our customers and society by offering all our employees meaningful work.”


Says Ronald Goedmakers: “With this change, we can guarantee the continuity of the family business. With Ton, the third generation of Goedmakers will soon be in charge of Vebego. Together we are going to take the step towards the next 75 years, which means that the future and further growth of the family business is in good hands.”


Strengthening of the Executive Board

In addition, Vebego is strengthening its Executive Board with Giuseppe Santagada and Mark van Haasteren as of 1 January. This anchors the importance of customers, companies and employees even more firmly in Vebego’s top management. Giuseppe has been working at Vebego since 2018 and is currently Division Director in Switzerland. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) on the Executive Board, he will be responsible for the Swiss and German Vebego companies. Mark has been working at Vebego since 2019 and is currently Division Director in the Netherlands. As COO on the Executive Board, he will be responsible for the Dutch and Belgian companies.

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