Vebego 2019 Annual Report

Vebego's success in 2019 contrasts sharply with the global crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of our work has proven to be indispensable to professional groups and vital processes that keep society running. This is the case in all countries where we operate. “Doing good” therefore takes on a very direct, urgent meaning.


In the shadow of the crisis, Vebego publishes its annual report for 2019. After all, open and transparent communication is an important prerequisite for achieving our ambition to contribute daily to the well-being of ten million people in 2025. In all four countries where we operate - the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland - we want to have a strong presence with customers who, like us, are prepared to appreciate the significance of our work and our employees.


Since all our attention is now focused on keeping our own people safe, helping our customers and steering our company as best we can through this acrimonious crisis, our 2019 annual report focuses only on the most important information. Needless to say, we will continue to work on our longer-term impact ambitions and the realisation of our strategy towards 2025.


In our online 2019 Annual Report (in Dutch language only), you can read all about Vebego's developments in 2019.


We want to thank our customers, employees, partners and business relations for their commitment and for the cooperation. During difficult times, it becomes clear how we can build on each other.

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