Vebego Annual Figures: result further improved in year of extremes

Today the international family business Vebego publishes its annual report and the results for 2020. Turnover, results and employee satisfaction increased. The excellent cooperation between the Vebego companies in 2020 is the greatest benefit.


Turnover [1] was € 1.27 billion (2019: € 1.23 billion), an increase of 3%. This increase is due to turnover growth in Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Turnover fell in Germany due to the impact of the corona crisis on personnel services and facility services for hotels and department stores. The net result almost doubled to € 17 million (2019: € 9 million), a return of 2% (2019: 1%). The major reasons for this increase are the consolidation of the results from acquired joint ventures and the cessation of all expenditures at the beginning of the corona crisis that did not contribute to the primary process. We began to catch up at the end of 2020 by significantly increasing the level of investments.

Employee satisfaction within all of the Vebego companies combined came to 7.8, which is an increase compared to last year (2019: 7.6).


Ronald Goedmakers, member of the Board of Directors: ‘It was a year of extremes. Many of our customers had a difficult time last year due to corona, as a result of which we suffered turnover loss at several companies. Fortunately, we were able to compensate for that within our group through extra work in cleaning and healthcare, where hygiene is top priority, and because orders in landscaping continued as usual. On balance, we achieved slight growth and a positive result for 2020. We were also able to deploy elsewhere, via our flexible pool, more than 1,000 employees whose work had been cancelled. We are proud of this result and happy with it.’


Says Ton Goedmakers, CEO: ‘The greatest benefit for 2020 is that, due to our familial and social culture, we were able to take a stand against the coronavirus. More than ever before, flexibility and caring for each other were called upon – important values for Vebego and for the people who work there. People helped each other at all levels of our company. The same is true for the increased appreciation in society for the work that our people do. That is the kind of impact we want to make, now and in the future.’


Growth and impact

Investments will continue to increase in 2021: Vebego endeavours for substantial growth in order to make a greater social impact as an inclusive employer. That is why plans were announced in April to strengthen the organisation and make it future-proof: the more than 80 Vebego companies in the four countries will be merged into eleven strong companies. The company has plenty of its own resources in order to implement its strategic vision and the subsidiaries’ underlying plans. An important goal for the coming years is to further increase Vebego's impact on customers, employees and society. Vebego sets high standards as ‘most inclusive employer’, which offers everyone an opportunity. A process has also begun in order to better measure and value Vebego's social return.


Says Ton Goedmakers: ‘We want to further embed cooperation at Vebego. We made strategic decisions in 2020 that will take shape in 2021 and beyond. We are working towards larger companies. By sharing knowledge and organising work processes more efficiently, we can offer customers more added value and, at the same time, build strong brands. As a result, we become more attractive as employer. The ultimate goal is to make more impact.’


The Vebego Annual Report is available online


[1] Regards total managed turnover, where the contribution from the joint ventures is fully included.

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